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This page is for Sayulita – The new bus station in Sayulita is open. Post updated January 20th, 2019

New Bus Station in Sayulita, Mexico

Come along with us on our affordable Puerto Vallarta day trip to Sayulita, Mexico, a tourist beach town with world class surfing, shops, and great Pacific Ocean beaches.  We take public transportation on most of our day-trips.  The people are friendly and are used to seeing tourist traveling from Point A to Point B.

Our Destination:   Sayulita on the Cheap.  Give the page time to load and travel with us.

Most of our day trips start at the public transportation bus-stop in front of Wal-Mart in Puerto Vallarta, which is located diagonally across the street from the cruise port.   Some of the buses to Sayulita have A/C, however, the windows open and the ride is full of adventure, especially if you’ve never been to Mexico before.  This is a great tour for the kids because they will get a real feeling for Mexico, the tourist and the local people.  It’s an equally great day-trip for couples or individuals who’ve retired in Puerto Vallarta and just wanna do a day-trip. In January of 2019 the bus fare was 46 pesos per person.


 Update February 2018

Winter months is when Sayulita is booming with people. Lots of people, the locals, tourist, and expats from all around the world converge on the small town for a serious connection with the Pacific Ocean. We eat at the Don Pedro Restaurant located right on the beach.  Watching the surfers fall and conquer the waves kept us entertained while we waited for our meal.  The food and service were good, the view is exceptional and the restaurant accepts major credit cards.  A late lunch for two with beer and one drink cost less than $30 USD.

Our starting point . . . . . In front of Wal-Mart, Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta day trip to Sayulita starting poing
Image of Bus Hub in front of Wal-Mart.

Try not to sit in the back of the bus, the ride is a little bumpy.  $46 Pesos P/P   The bus ride is less than an hour with stops along the way (Highway 200) in Bucerias and other small towns.  Don’t forget your water bottle.

Expats live in many of the condos and apartment buildings you see along the coast.  They are reasonably priced for oceanfront properties.  The biggest concern is monthly Home Owners Fees and Title to Property.

“The Turn” This is where the bus turns off of Highway 200 to our final destination

puerto vallarta to sayulita day trip, the turn to sayulita, mexico
The turnoff of Highway 200 to Sayulita, Mexico


Bus Depot in Sayulita – High-tech, open-air design.  Bring your own smartphone to enjoy the high-tech options. This is the old bus station, so you can image the new bus station is a big deal.

bus station in sayulita mexico
Bus stop in Sayulita is open-air – high tech


 The buildings are colorful as is the town of Sayulita.  The kids will love it.  You can take the short walk to the beach and enjoy the sights along the way.

colorful hotel in sayulita on main street
The buildings are colorful, as is the entire town of Sayulita, Mexico


Shopping on the way to the beach is encouraged.   Just remember you’ll have to carry what you purchase…. and you can’t count on the item being there when you return later in the day.  This is when your large beach bag comes in handy.

botique shopping in sayulita, mexico
Shopping on the way to the beach



You can always experience a little cultural on your way to the beach. (Art Gallery – click on the image to view art gallery, Facebook Page.)




Sayulita is a world-class surf town and is full of great surf shops on the way to the beach and on the beach…..





Street vendors, exotic Mexican food, and unique handmade gifts included.



Teaching students to surf is big business in Sayulita.  Great surfing waves for beginners to advanced surfers.  You can learn more about surfing in Sayulita here.  I stopped in the surf shop, trainers speak Spanish and English.

One of the best surfing schools in Mexico.


The beachfront cafe where we stopped and had a late breakfast.  Owned by one of the locals and his American wife.  You can get an assortment of Mexican and American food in the beachfront cafes

Puerto vallarta day trip to sayulita, beach front cafe


Massages on the beach are private and relaxing




The beach is calming, beautiful and well worth the trip.  The return trip back to Puerto Vallarta is just as interesting.  This is just one of the reasons I retired in the Puerto Vallarta area.  More Puerto Vallarta day trips;  Punta Meta, Yelapa, Boca de Tamalon, Mismaloya, and more hidden spots.

You can also enroll in my Retire to Puerto Vallarta Course on Udemy. This course provides the details on returning within 62 miles around the bay.

Destination Sayulita, Mexico

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