Glamping in Yelapa Budget Overnight Trip for Families, Seniors, and Singles

Glamping is luxury camping and the Passion Garden Glamping site in Yelapa, Mexico does it well.  A real bed, with a down blanket to keep you warm at night, table chairs, tent-suite with electricity.  The kitchen is large, fully equipped and shared by all, as is the restroom facilities.  You need a flashlight to get to the restroom at night. A hot water shower is part of the package.  You can make reservations here and get a $20 Travel Credit, but before you leave the page, scroll down and enjoy more information on getting to Yelapa.

yelapa mexico

Yelapa is the small fishing village with no cars.  You set your watch back 30 years and move to the side when the donkeys, horses, motto, bike or hours-truck is on the narrow cobblestone main street.   Watch your step, the donkeys and horses aren’t potty trained.   Yet, the beauty of the town overcomes any adversity.  This is like no other town in the Puerto Vallarta area.  It’s on the same scale as Venice, Itlay in my opinion.  That’s how unique, relaxing and beautiful the town is.

Getting to Yerlapa, Mexico.  Catch a water taxi at the pier in old-town, or …….

Getting to Yelapa

There are two ways to get to Yelapa, the first way is to catch a water taxi by the pier in Old-Town for a 40-minute ride on the bay.  See image above. The second way if more adventurous, and beautiful and also allows you to see parts of the PV bay area that most people don’t get to see.

bus from pv to boca de tomatlan

When you catch the bus in Old-Town with the words Boca and Mismaloya on the front window then you know you’re headed for a pictures view of the sea and seaside villas, hotels, condos and home alone Highway 200 between Puerto Vallarta and

Views when you catch the bus to Boca de Tomatlan

Boca de Tamalan.  It’s hard to get lost because the end of the bus line is in Boca de Tamatlan.  Once you exit the bus you walk down the hill and bear to your right.  Within a short walking distance, you’ll see the pier.  The bus fare in March 2018 is 8 pesos per person.  There are no transfers.

One of the guys from the beachfront restaurant will sell you a ticket for the water taxi to Yelapa.  The cost in March 2018 is $180 pesos per person round trip.   Be sure to get a written receipt.  You will need the receipt when you return.  You can return to Old-Town or to Boca de Tomatlan.  They will charge you extra if your round-trip ticket is from Boca.  Get your FREE Travel Credit here


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