Mismaloya Beach Day Trip

Mismaloya is an exciting and affordable day trip approximately six miles from old-town Puerto Vallarta.  You can opt for a cab or the public bus which is 8 pesos.  Either way, the ride includes beautiful views of the sea, multi-million dollars villas, beach-front resorts and housing for the local people.  Once you get to the crossroads, in Mismaloya, you can go down the hill to the main part of town; The tequila factory, the world-famous boutique zoo or go horseback riding through the mountainous jungles   Or, you can opt to walk the path to the Mismaloya beach.  First, we’ll go down to the beach  . . . .

Highway 200 runs parallel to the coast-line and the views are breath-taking.  Mismaloya is famous as the place where The Night of the Iguana was filmed. (1963)  Across the highway across from Playa Mismaloya is El Eden.  This is the location where parts of the film The Predator was filmed.

The Information Booth is located right at the Crossroads of Mismaloya and Highway 200

The name Mismaloya literally means, “The place where they grab fish with their hands.”  It is the small fishing village where I retired to and call home most of the year.

On the path to the beach, you’ll find scuba diving and snorkeling tours.

In the late afternoon the Scuba Diving staff take a break.

Mismayloya scuba diving, snorkeling

Staff members take a break in the late afternoon.


Side-of-the-road retail booths are considered big business in small  Mexico towns.  Almost every item you would need for the beach is available.

Mismaloya beach supplies



Mismaloya beach
You can shop right on the beach for the latest sun dresses


Barcelo Resort - Mismaloya, Mexico
When you walk the rocky path of the beach, you experience beautiful views of the entire area. The villas on the hill and the Barcelo Resort which is located right on the Mismaloya beach


You can even get a great view of the Los Arcos rocks along the beach-front path which leads to The Night of Iguana old film set.

Los Arcos Rocks
Los Arcos Rocks – You can take a water taxi and explore the tunnel through the rock. The boats float through the tunnel providing a unique experience.

From what I can tell, the wealthy landowners allowed producers to use the properties in Mismaloya for filming The Night of the Iguana and The Predator.  The Gringos treated the film set like an extension of Hollywood in California.  This probably was great when it was happening, a lot of visitors with lots of money to spend in the small town, but when the Hollywood visitors left, it may have been difficult for the locals to readjust. Mismaloya, today, is experiencing a land ownership dispute between the owners of prime real-estate and the local people who have built their home and lives in the fishing village.  The town’s gossip says the landowners want to build a billion-dollar marina in Mismaloya.  If this gossip is anywhere near true, you may want to learn more about investing in this area.

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