Puerto Vallarta Cruise Ship Economy

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Hundreds of cruise ships will arrive in Puerto Vallarta during the year of 2017, each of these mega ships equals around $1 million to the local economy.

Cruise travelers spend money on cabs, food, souvenirs, adventures, tours, Wal-Mart, (which is right across the street from the pier) clothing, entertainment, drinks and whatever else they can find to spend money on, like new shoes, purses, jewelry, condominiums, return trips, tips, and tequila.

PV cruise ship economy

Each cruise ship carries an average of 4800 passengers.  When you 7calculate that an average adventure tour is around $100 a person you begin to get a good idea of how officials come up with a million dollar boost to the economy.  This million dollar estimate takes into account, the fees paid to the PV Marina, including security and everything else that comes with keeping a mega ship full of people safe.  Continue below: 


Crown Princess

View the cruise schedule for 2017 here.  It’s going to be a busy season.  If you think you might want to work on a cruise ship, go here for cruise employment information.

You can view images of one of these ships coming into port here on Puerto Vallarta Day Trips dot info.  You can watch while having a cup of coffee directly across the street from the pier.  It’s an amazing sight to watch them park a 40-ton ship.

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