Day Trip to Yelapa

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Noisy Water-Taxi Ride (Adjust your speakers) Give page time to load . . . . . .

An affordable day-trip to remember.  Take a bumpy and noisy boat ride with us from Boca de Tamatlan to Yelapa, the fishing village with no cars.  You will need a hat that fits tightly around your head, sun-tanning lotion, beach towel, camera and a sense of adventure.



The bus ride from Old-Town Puerto Vallarta to Boca de Tamatlan is $8 pesos per person (2016)  It’s a 30-minute ride with magnificent views of the sea.  Sit on the opposite side from the driver to have the best views.  This is a bus which the locals and the tourist use to travel on Highway 200, a two lane-stretch between Boca de Tamatlan and downtown Puerto Vallarta.  You can also take a boat directly from downtown PV to Yelapa, however, you’ll miss the hidden gems along the coast.  The bus pass passes through Mismaloya, the site where the Night of the Iguana was filmed.  Further up Highway 200, you’ll pass the famous Le Kliff Restaurant.

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t the main attraction of the day, although this portion of the day trip could be a day trip within itself.

Once in Boca de Tamatlan, which is the end of the line, exit the bus and walk down the hill. (Use the steps it’s easier)  Turn right at the main intersection and walk all the way to the end, to find the transportation hub.  This is where you’ll find water taxis to destinations around the bay.  The cost from Boca de Tamatlan to Yelapa is around $140 pesos round-trip. (2016)

Purchase your water-taxi ticket – Be sure not to lose your receipt – You’ll need it for the return trip.

The Pier where you will depart from

The reliable transportation hub in Boca de Tamatlan


High-tech transportation hub – See the ocean-front villas?  Here is a free $20 Travel Coupon to rent affordable vacation homes in Boca de Tamatlan and Yelapa.  It’s a vacation you will never forget and more than likely will repeat.

Loading onto the Water-Taxi


The boat ride is bumpy, but safe, hold on tight to your hat.

You are headed to a small-bay-within-the-bay, which has NO cars, no exhaust fumes and reaps of relaxation.  Be prepared to be relaxed.  Wear flip-flops for easy access on and off the boats.  A dress is not appropriate.

Beach lounging in Yelapa is a little different than the rest of the world


One of the best options you can explore is actually staying in Yelapa for a couple of nights.  You can find affordable and exciting Yelapa rentals here along with a $20 travel coupon.

Paragliding is a major sport in Yelapa.  Come prepared to be lifted up and impressed.

In other words, bring money.


Departing from Yelapa, Mexico


The water-taxis make stops along the way to Yelapa – Be sure you get off at your desired destination.

After a long day on the beach, it’s great to return to Boca de Tamatlan.  Of course for me this is home.