Puerto Vallarta Half Day Trip to Upscale Shopping Mall

I suppose you could say a half day trip to a shopping center is much the same all over the world.  No big deal, right?

Wrong, Mexico does everything with flair and the shopping center is no exception. First and foremost, the shopping center has its own casino.  Fully functioning casino with slot machines and the works, including Bingo and professional sports betting.

Secondly, the view from the cafeteria which many different restaurants look like this:  (The pier where the cruise ships dock are right across the street, but there were no cruise ships in town on this particular Sunday in August of 2017.)

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Cafeteria, Galeras Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

This means you can have a $3 meal from MacDonald’s with a puerto vallarta day tripsmillion-dollar view. Don’t worry if you’d rather not dine on MacDonald’s food, there are plenty of restaurants to select from.




Now, you can say the rest of the shopping center is much like the shopping centers in the United States, including the high-tech movie theater.

Liverpool, the upscale department store, prices are a steep even why you factor in the U.S. dollar to pesos exchange rate.  High-quality items, with no shortage of customers on a Sunday afternoon.

If your pocketbook won’t support the upscale shopping mall, don’t worry, look who’s right next door:

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Wallmart in PV Mexico

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