Puerto Vallarta Malecon Half Day Experience

Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon is a 12 block, mile long boardwalk in the center of town. The Malecon isn’t just a place, it’s an experience.  The unique experience is art sculptures with a backdrop of the sea.  I’ve included a few images of my inexpensive half-day experience.


What You’ll Need

  •   Comfortable shoes

  •   Hat

  •   Water bottle

  •   Sense of adventure

I begin my walk starting from the south end of the Malecon and walked North. This adventure never gets old and stopping at one of the beachfront cafes for a cool drink, beer or coffee, always makes the walk more enjoyable.  Of course, there are many expats and locals who run, walk bike or skateboard the Malecon each day for exercise.

Once you cross the new bridge beginning from the south, you see the Isla Rio uale, which is an actual island located right in the middle of old town Puerto Vallarta.  At this point, you can go down the stairs to the free Tequila tasting store.   You”ll see the sign.

Just a few short steps more and there will be stairs which carry you down to the open air flea market.

Bartering is an acceptable price and you can find wonderful deals.




The art sculpture show begins.  But first, there is a number of great beach front cafe where you can sit outside and gaze at the sea while enjoying a beverage, a snack or a full course meal.


One of the interesting shopping experiences is the mobile jewelry store where you can purchase sterling silver pieces at affordable prices. This is also the area where you can find women who will braid your hair into exotic sculpture styles.

Finally, you’ll reach the town square.

Notice the famous church in the background.  You can’t see it but to the right, is Starbucks, a popular spot for expats.




The Town Square is also where you’ll see groups of walking tours, most of which are free.



If you don’t feel like walking, you can also bike the boardwalk.   Once you reach the Town Square going north, you’ll find plenty of room for biking, rollerblading, skating and skateboards.












By this time you realize, not all the tourist and visitors are on land.  Lots of tourists are on boats headed to private beaches for the day.


There are lots more sculptures, high-end shopping, jewelry stores and of course timeshare offers.  Before you get an attitude about Timeshare you might want to read this article What Expats Haven’t Told You About Timeshares