Punta Mita vs. Sayulita, Cost Less, Same Amenities, Same Breath Taking Views

Making Sayulita Your Go To Place for Affordable Romance and Vacations

It’s no secret the rich and the famous visit Punta Mita, Mexico for their vacations and occasional honeymoon, however couples can enjoy the same views and amenities for much less in Sayulita, Mexico.

Located less than 1 hour from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, there is a hidden ocean-front hippie-like town called Sayuliat, Mexico.  And one of the best places to find the best prices for beach-front villas is on the Airbnb.com.  You can use the link to sign-up (free) on the Airbnb site and receive a $20 travel coupon, our compliments.

Yes, the hotels and resorts are great, but when you want complete privacy and romance, most couples opt for a seaside villa.  Expensive villas go for around $2500 a night in Punta Mita, but you can opt for the same amenities for $250 a night in Sayuliat.

Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West,  Hilary Duff, Kirsten Dunst, Mario Lopez and many more vacation in Punta Mita.  Bill Gates owns the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita and Gwyneth Paltrow also purchased real estate in the hidden town of Punta Mita.

Examples:  Punta Mita

PV PM 2500 a night
Punta Mita Average Nightly Rate $2500 a night – Sleeps 16
PV-PM-900 a night
Punta Mita – Average Nightly Rate $900 a Night – Sleeps 10








You can get to Punta Mita on a bus, just like anyone else.  You can sit on the beach, drink beers, enjoy a boat ride to the nearby islands — yet you can’t go through the gates of wealth without an appointment or reservations.  Punta Mita is 44.7 km (27.7 miles)  from Puerto Vallarta and is located in the state of Nayarit, which is about an hours drive from Puerto Vallarta.

cropped-Sayulita_Mexico_Map_Gr_-Rd_Arrow.jpgSayulita is 25.1 miles from Puerto Vallarta and is just up the coast from Punta Mita.  The bus takes approximately 55 minutes from Puerto Vallarta.  You can view images and videos of Sayulita on our home-page.  Both resort towns provide water-sports, day spas and massages.

Examples:  Sayulita

Suylita 260 beach front villa
Around $250 a night


Sayulita 265 beach front villa

$260 a night


Sayulita tree house jungle 50

Jungle Tree House – $50 a night

The major difference in the villas in Punta Mita and Sayulita is the size of the villas and the cost of the decor.  Nature is an equal opportunity entity.  The views, surfing, beaches, weather and blue skies are the same.  it’s only the price tag that is noticeably different.   Airbnb.com has the choices , all you need is sign up for a free account and start planning your travel.

You can opt for a chef to prepare your meals or you can eat out, or prepare your own meals.  Either way, renting a vacation villa can be less expensive then a hotel stay and definitely more private.

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