PV Day Trip to El Tuito

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Pv day trips to El Tuito
Intersection at the top of the hill Highway 200 in Boca de Tamatlan

El Tuito is a small quaint town 30 miles south of downtown Puerto Vallarta.  We caught the bus at the top of hill in Boca de Tamatlan and enjoyed the 45 minute scenic ride to El Tuito.

The bus makes several stops along the way, including a stop at the Botanical Gardens.



The cost from Boca de Tamatlan to El Tuito was 25 pesos per person.  You can also catch the bus in downtown PV.  There appears to be more than one bus service to El Tuito.  The bus we caught going was different than the bus we caught coming back.


bus to el tuitio from puerto vallarta
The bus to El Tuito

As you can see from the map above, the bus travels Highway 200.  The map looks like a straight line, however, the road twists and turns and every now and then you can see the view of the river and or valley below.

The scenery is beautiful and if for no other reason then to see the towns and communities outside of Puerto Vallarta, it’s worth the trip.



After many stops and interesting sights of the Mexican countryside, the bus took a sudden right turn off Highway 200.  It took about 45 minutes and I can emphasize enough how beautiful the scenery is.   We finally reached the center of town.


pu day trip to el tuito
Only a few people were in the square which is known for the town’s festive events.

The main square is the center of town.  On the Saturday afternoon that we arrived, the square was reasonably quiet.  Almost all that you want to see and do in Tuito is within 2 blocks of the main square. the Cultural Center & mural; San Pedro Apostol Parish; Casa Museo “El Patio de Don Alfonso” (house museum by the plaza); Panaderia Gallegos, pastries and bread made in traditional brick ovens fueled with wood and the Doña Nilza’s panela cheese and fresh fruit stand


Downtown El Tuito

We ate at Cafe Rosarita.  The restaurant was clean and the food was well prepared.  The prices were extremely reasonable.

puerto vallarta day trips el tuito
The old tree in the square – Directly across the street from where you catch the bus back to PV


Short video leaving the town of El Tuito.


We hope you enjoyed this short summary of our half a day trip to El Tuito.  $100 pesos there and around $300 pesos for beer and lunch.   Less than $20USD for two.

Join us for more inexpensive day trips in and around Puerto Vallarta Mexico.