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Here’s a bad-boy mega cruise ship making a 120-degree turn, to dock along side a Princess daughter ship in the Carnival Corporation line-up.   It was amazing to watch the Captain maneuver this 88,500-ton ship.

Cruise ship coming into the Puerto Vallarta Port
Cruise ship coming into the Puerto Vallarta Marina Port

PV Marina

Eighty percent of Carnival Miracles staterooms have ocean views, and eighty percent of those have private balconies.  This ship also has an 11-story Metropolis atrium with a ruby-red glass ceiling, which is also part of the “Y” shaped smoke stack.  The ship to the right is the Grand Princess which arrived at 10 AM that morning.

PV Cruise ship coming into port
Carnival Ship Miracle “parking”  Arrived in Puerto Vallarta at 12 noon 2/16/2016

PV Marina Ship Coming into Port

There, all parked, safe and ready for deportation.  The 2,124 guest on this cruise ship and the thousands of passengers on the daughter ship will spend over $1 million dollars in the Puerto Vallarta area, in just one day.  This is an example of a serious economy boost.

There are other parts of the Marina which are equally impressive.  A great place to stay when visiting Puerto Vallarta, a little expensive, but we’re told it’s worth it.

Luxury Resort and Condos in the PV Marina