Safety Tips When Visiting Puerto Vallarta

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    Enjoy the peaceful and beautiful fishing village know as Boca de Tomatlan

1. As far as we know, Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest cities in Mexico.  Of course, there are incidents, like there are in any part of the world.  Women walking alone late at night with large purses.  Going to the bank or ATM late at night, any of these actions is an invitation for trouble.  Use your common sense, you’ll be fine.


2. When you arrive in Mexico, take ALL of your prescribed medication out of your bag, carry-on or your purse. Put them on the counter and ask immigration if the medicine is okay to bring into Mexico. Do NOT try to hide any medicine. The x-ray machines have eyes.

If they so no to your medication, don’t get upset. Even if you must take the medicine to live. Ask for the empty bottle of the medication they take from you. You can get the medicine refilled at most pharmacies in Puerto Vallarta. If necessary you can see a doctor for less then $30 and get the prescription refilled if the pharmacy has questions.


To our knowledge having the empty bottle should serve as proof that your doctor prescribed the medication. If you can’t get the empty bottle – then write down the exact name and dosage of the medication, or better yet, bring a written prescription from your doctor in your country.  The chances are no one will say anything, but just in case they do, you’re prepared.


3. If you look around you and ALL the local people have disappeared off the street, you do the same.


4. Do not insult the Mexican people because you think they don’t understand English, they understand all the “bad” words and while they may not say anything, you could find yourself in unexpected trouble down the road. (We know we aren’t supposed to tell the whole truth – however, if we weren’t honest, what would the site be worth?)


View from the Le-Kliff Restaurant

5. The Mexican people are extremely friendly and willing to help especially when you offer a tip and even when you don’t. Most of the families here in Puerto Vallarta have a family member or two, who works in the tourist industry.  Almost everyone is supportive of tourism.

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6. IMPORTANT – Only use the ATM machines at major banks.  There are a number of cases where the ATM card was cloned when visitors used off-track ATM machines.


7.  Never flash large amounts of money in pesos or U.S. dollars.


8. Ladies should always wear a backpack or a shoulder bag which wraps around your neck and one arm.  Be sure to bring a hat and carry a small bottle of water.


9. If you really get in a jam, look around and you’ll find Americans and Canadians.  This area is full of part-year and full-year baby boomers who have made Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas their retirement home.


Hollywood left it’s signature here in the Puerto Vallarta area, read how the movie The Night of the Iguana put PV on the world map.


One of the most important safety tips involves the rip currents on the beaches.  This is more dangerous than hurricanes or tornadoes and does not matter if you’re a good swimmer or not.  This video speaks about the United States, however, you can get a better understanding from a professional on what to do and what not to do if caught in a rip current.