Sayulita, Mexico a Day Trip of Surfing Lessons, Romance and Beautiful Beaches

Discover Multifaceted Sayulita, Mexico

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The quaint town of Sayulita, Mexico is fast becoming a popular beach destination for American tourists. This little gem has become a surfer’s paradise as its blue waters beckon to both beginner and expert surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

Offering both a peek into the old and the new, Sayulita is inhabited by about 4,000 residents. The locals are especially helpful and welcome tourists from all places, revealing a glimpse of that warm, friendly Mexican hospitality found throughout the country.

For a taste of rural Mexican life set against a backdrop of pristine beaches and cobblestone roads, Sayulita is the best choice. At the same time, it offers a wide range of conveniences and amenities, ranging from basic to luxury accommodations, which usually include a free WiFi or Internet connection in many hotels and restaurants.

Where is Sayulita?

Tucked between the hillsides that surround a secluded cove in the Riviera Nayarit, Sayulita is a gem that reflects the characteristic beauty of the Pacific shores of Nayarit, Mexico. American surfers first discovered this town in the ’60s and have been returning ever since.

Sayulita_Mexico_Map_Gr_ Rd_ArrowEasily accessible to tourists, this charming beach town is located just 45 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport via the newly constructed highway or about a three-hour flight from Los Angeles. It is also within driving distance to the larger cities of Guadalajara and Tepic, so visiting nearby popular places is convenient.

Restaurants line the shoreline of the town’s main beach, providing shaded tables and chairs for enjoyment. Visitors can relax on the beach while indulging in a margarita or cerveza (beer) and watch surfers attempting to master the waves, fishermen striving to make that perfect catch, or children playing in the sand.

Sayulita Beaches

The golden sand beaches of Sayulita are still unspoiled, so you can bask in the afternoon sun along the palm tree-lined shores, surf and swim in the Pacific Ocean, or simply enjoy the temperate climate and sea breeze. Unlike other top Mexican destinations, the Sayulita beaches are not overcrowded since they are still relatively undiscovered by most tourists.

The secluded beaches of Pasquero and Pasquerito are slightly south of town whereas the hidden beaches of Playa Las Cuevas and Playa Malpasos are slightly north. Playa Malpasos is especially nice for beach-goers preferring more privacy on the undeveloped beaches of Mexico. Many couples visit these beaches because of their remote location and exquisite beauty.

Another beach worthy of exploring is Playa de Los Muertos, only a ten-minute walk south of Sayulita’s main beach. Frequented by local families, this is an ideal swimming beach.

For adventurers, consider visiting Playa Carricitos, a 20-minute hike through the jungle hills. The ocean here has large, strong, challenging tides reserved only for advanced surfers and swimmers.

Tip: Since these beaches are generally undeveloped, there are no stores or cafes, so be sure to bring food, drinks, and other supplies.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the larger resort towns, then Sayulita Mexico, is the place to go. This small beach town offers some of the best surf conditions, unique art, delicious food, trendy shops, and nature travel in the Riviera Nayarit.

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