Secrets Expats in Mexico Aren’t Sharing With Part-Year Expats

This is Sandy Ingram coming to you from the Puerto Vallarta Bay Area.  The rainy season has begun and at times it rains for hours.  Most times it rains for ten to fifteen minutes and then the sun finds it’s way back into our lives.  The thundering and lightening which speaks the language only the heart understands is active and extremely communicative.

Most times the loud sounds are all a part of the PV Bay Area unless you aren’t accustomed to natures way of doing things.   Often times it’s a light show with long streaks of light over the bay.  You can wait for a few seconds after seeing the lightning and expect a loud thunder.

The video below shows direct results of the rainy season.  Expats who only visit during the winter months have no idea of the beauty year-round expats experience during the summer months.  For one thing, these unnoticed waterfalls dry up by the time winter-expats arrive. Continue below for more details.

Yes, it’s hot.

Most of my neighbors stay inside during the late afternoon to continue their relationships with the air-conditioning systems.  Not me.  I call myself conditioning my body for future increases in temperatures which Mother Nature may have in-store for planet earth.

I can tell you this;  An investment in fans which run off batteries may be a wise decision.  On days when it’s really warm and almost the entire bay area has on the air conditioning, often times the power goes out.  The power often goes out after a heavy rain too, at least here in the jungle areas.  No problem, the refrigerators keeps the food cool until the power returns.

This scenario can only get worst as the summers get hotter and hotter.   As the temperatures increase the rents for beach front condos and villas goes down, but not for long.  The moment the PV International Airport reports expats returning for the winter, rents increase.  Many expats sign long-term rental leases during the summer, even if they only stay in PV for three or four months out of the year.

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