The Sea Helps to Heal Broken Hearts, Heart Healing Program in Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita_girl_broken_heartThere’s a reason millions head for the sea after a broken heart, death of a love one, or just out and out sadness due to disappointment.  There’s a reason investors invest billions in coastline property in the form of resorts, expensive boutiques, condos and villas.  This is the same reason the cruise industry is thriving with billions of dollars in bookings.

The sea is a natural healer.  It has mended many hearts and held the fragile fabric of life together for individuals who thought they couldn’t go on.  There’s a reason people head to the warm climates near the sea in the winter and return to their everyday homes in the spring.  This is the lifestyle of not only the rich and the famous, but those who understand the value of living near and being near the sea.



In the small towns in Mexico, even the locals understand the value of being near the sea, almost every classified ad reads:  “x amount of blocks to the beach” or “view of the sea.”  If you can’t afford a view then you want to live close enough to walk to the sea each day.  However, the further you get from the main town, the cheaper the rents.  If you don’t drive this means you must take a bus.  Buses are dependable and the views on the way to and from town, never get old

Those of us who watch the sea each day, can’t help to notice the rocks of three years-past where we sat and meditated, are now almost covered by the sea.  Is the temperature of the sea rising, I don’t know, but I do know the waters are rising.

Even when you live on and near the sea, it’s always a great adventure to visit other areas and marvel at the different ways nature has presented the coastline.  How the locals  design the commerce area, the homes and the atmosphere all make up a new experience in another local town on the Pacific coast.

Sayulita_Mexico_Map_In Relations to Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta is located on the coast line of the Banders Bay, Sayulita is front and center with the Pacific Ocean, the waves, scenery and lifestyle, even for a day is healing.

Up north, the United States towns are more expensive with a tint of luxury overlooking the sea.  The further south you travel the more reasonable the prices become.  If you find a spot where the people are friendly and the prices are affordable, stop and stay awhile.  That’s what the expats living in Sayulita did.  The scenery is like a paradise, no high-rises, not even a McDonalds, you can go to Puerto Vallarta for that.  The small beach-town is known for creating world-famous surfers, but the expats who live there could care less if the surfers are famous or not.  Sitting on the beach and watching the surfers, both experts and beginners, become one with the waves, is entertainment you can’t put a price on.

Join us on the home page for a selection of video and images of our day trip to Sayulita.  There are few words to give this small town justice, you must see it to understand the value of taking an entire day from your life to visit Sayulita.  Who knows, you may decide to stay, like many others have done in the past.  Unfortunately, this quint beach town’s accommodations (Click for$20 Travel Coupon)  has become more expensive as it’s popularity increases. The prices for day- tourists remains affordable and reasonable.

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